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ASEA REDOX is the first and only supplement on the market that contains active redox signaling molecules, powerful cellular messengers that help protect, rejuvenate, and restore cells. These molecules, native to the human body, are created through a groundbreaking, patented process that reorganizes molecules of natural salt and purified water into redox signaling molecules

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Cellular Solutions

Cellular Solution has launched! Cellular Solution is the mastermind of Dr. Daniel Pompa – a comprehensive line of supplements offered exclusively to practitioners. Each product was thoughtfully created with therapeutic ingredients sourced from one of only 90 regenerative farms in the world, right here in the USA. Every ingredient has gone through a rigorous process of sourcing and testing, with a final stamp of approval by Dr. Pompa himself. Our first products to be released – the Core Cellular line – were inspired by Dr. Pompa’s 5Rs. This is going to take your coaching to another level.

Want to Start a Wholesale account: Contact Adela at adela@cellularsolution.com

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ECHO hydrogen enriched water

Good gut health is essential for proper nutrient absorption and overall bodily function. When your gut health improves, you can experience better overall health. However, due to environmental factors, many people are unable to produce sufficient hydrogen in their gut naturally. This is where Echo devices come in, as they can supplement the hydrogen your body needs by dissolving hydrogen gas into water. With Echo devices, you can improve your gut health and overall health by ensuring your body gets the hydrogen it needs. Try Echo devices today to optimize your health and wellness.

Higher Dose

Supercharge your self-care and boost holistic recovery with wellness tools designed to ignite vitality from the inside out. We cultivated the hottest at-home wellness tools using nature-inspired technologies to release a DOSE of feel-good chemicals — AKA, Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins — that elevate your mood, promote a healthy glow, support long-term health benefits, and lift your spirit. That’s what we call getting high naturally.
Our Infrared, PEMF, and Red Light devices elevate your health and beauty rituals, while our collection of body products boost the benefits so you feel more rejuvenated, refreshed, grounded, and glowing. And, our blog is a hub for all things high. Discover how to enhance your wellness rituals with our devices and products, and learn from leading experts in health, beauty, and biohacking. Welcome to The High Life.

Keto Chow

Keto Chow was founded to simplify health, with the ultimate aim of enabling people to succeed with their goals and live the lifestyle they want to live. We are open, honest and fun (the way we wish all companies were).

We make keto easy by providing:

  • a product that is easy to use, delicious and nutritious.
  • a community that inspires, educates and connects people to each other and themselves.
  • a company that supports, listens to and values their customers and employees.

Neck Nest

The NeckNestTM is designed to be a sleep support for your NECK, not just your HEAD. Use nightly for relief from muscle tension and stiffness, headache, back and neck pain. Experience a cradling of your neck while keeping the shoulders, head and spine perfectly aligned. Our patented design will redefine the way you sleep, giving you the most comfortable nights sleep that you have ever had.

Best Part? Dr. Martone has partnered with our HCF practitioners to bring your clients a step by step sleep solution that has been proven to get your clients finally sleeping again. After all, it is a main component to getting their health back! Reach out to Dr. Peter for an introductory call!

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PureLife Science

SoftWave Tissue Regenerative Therapy

SoftWave’s purpose was designated to extend the medical use of shockwaves from lithotripsy and urology to nerve and tissue regeneration, musculoskeletal pain and injuries, cosmetics, brain indications and likely many more indications that have yet to be discovered. SoftWave is sometimes known as stemwave therapy. SoftWave TRT is the first and only supplier of unfocused shock waves in North America and continues to research and develop new uses for unfocused shock wave therapy today.

Test My Home

Every home tells a story, and at TestMyHome, we believe that story should be one of comfort, safety, and peace of mind.

We help homeowners like you uncover the hidden health hazards in their homes. 
We dig beneath the surface using advanced tech, to identify the unseen health threats that could be lurking in your home – we transform the question marks into peace of mind, enabling you to breathe, drink, sleep and live- with certainty in the sanctuary you call home.

Virtual Clinic

VirtualClinic.MD provides diagnostic solutions for non-traditional health practitioners. Whether you are a chiropractor, Health Coach, Nutritionist, TCM, Acupuncturist, or any other complementary or functional health practitioner…NOW, you have access to and the ability to order not only traditional blood chemistry labs but also a host of other functional labs including microbiome, genetics, hormones, epigenetics, micronutrient, pharmacogenomics, and more!
VirtualClinic.MD offers a growing complement of diagnostics options and resources to support you as you support your patients and clients. Register today for a FREE account with no minimum monthly orders required.

Start an account here: https://virtualclinic.md/
Choose “Register” at the top and be sure to select “HCF” from the dropdown list of Affiliations. 
Any questions feel free to contact Deniece@telecareholdings.com

Alignment Health

Alignment Health Practice Group spawned from an idea of exponential service. This is our mission. We recognize the tremendous power and responsibility doctors have to their communities. Our goal is to expand our community in order to spread awareness, knowledge, and training. By serving doctors, we’re serving people. By helping doctors, we’re helping patients.

Nerve Coach

Taking a holistic approach with our clients, we target the root causes of their neuropathy and develop a plan with an emphasis on nutrition, targeted supplements, advanced technology, and doctor-prescribed equipment.

As a result, our patients are able to gain back their independence and get back to living the quality of life they deserve.

Our Gracious Sponsors

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Coffee sponsor Lifeboost

What Makes Lifeboost Great

1.CLEAN – 80% of the time, put clean foods AND clean beverages in your body such as Lifeboost coffee. The other 20% of the time, enjoy life and treat yourself!

2. CAUSE – Support something you believe in. We support the farmers, their families and communities. We also definitely support sustainable farming methods, wildlife protection, and our first responders.

3. CONNECTION – Coffee connects us. Whether it’s conversations with friends or family, business meetings or simply just spending time with yourself. Life is about connection.

4. KINDNESS – We believe that in order to make the world a better place, it all comes down to treating people how you would like to be treated… with LOVE, HONOR, and RESPECT.

AnnMarie Skin Care

Founded in 2009, Annmarie Skin Care has provided Clean Beauty Since Day 1 with a natural, sustainable, and intentional unisex skin care line. Beyond handcrafting products with organic and wildcrafted ingredients—from high-vibration plant extracts to herb-infused oils—we are dedicated to pure formulations, free from alcohol, chemicals, and synthetic preservatives and fragrances. This ensures safe, supernaturally-effective skincare that upholds our commitment to clean, non-toxic beauty and environmental protection.

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Dry farm wines

Look no further, try the purest natural wines in the world, grown in healthy soils from family farms and lab tested for purity.

What makes Dry Farm Wine so special and WHY do we serve it at all Live it 2 Lead it Events?

  • Sugar Free
  • No Toxic Additives
  • Organic Farming
  • Lab Tested
  • Lower Alcohol
  • Vegan, Keto & Paleo Friendly

PaleoValley Beef Sticks

At Paleovalley, our mission is to help people reclaim their vibrant health by providing the highest quality, whole food based snacks and supplements that prioritize nutrient density in an industry that prioritizes everything else. We believe that every dietary choice and every added ingredient is a powerful opportunity to love and care for oneself. Paleovalley is known in the Health and Wellness space as “The Ingredient Snobs” because we are so meticulous about every ingredient that goes into each product, as well as the manufacturing and sourcing of each ingredient too. This is why many of the world’s top doctors, naturopaths and even cancer clinics continually recommend Paleovalley products to their customers and clients.

Redmond Sea Salts

Simple, Clean & Real Ingredients. Redmond Sea Salts is committed to providing products that are simple, clean, and real, and they never waiver from this commitment. Using the purest possible ingredients is always their top priority, and that is why they are such a big part of the HCF family!

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