Change Lives While Creating

Life-Changing Income

With Dr. Pompa’s Comprehensive Diagnostic
Program & Real-World Business Plan

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of Certified Health Warriors  And Learn How To Truly Heal Your Clients (and Yourself!) With Real Root Cause Medicine

Created from his own seven-year battle with debilitating illnesses,
the PompaCore Certification™ is a unique and comprehensive 6-month program
created by Dr. Pompa to help frustrated health practitioners and health coaches get
to the root cause of chronic illnesses for their clients and themselves, too.

The Root Cause consists of the following Certification modules:

Ancient Healing to correct the microbiome

The 5 R’s to enhance good gene expression

Core Cellular Detox to eliminate hidden stressors

Learn How To Create The Best Health Possible For Each Individual.
We are dealing with toxins at a level never before seen in human history and the old paradigms of diagnosis and treatment are outdated and no longer helping people.

Each module of the Root Cause addresses this,
 equipping you to go deep enough into the body to identify the true root cause of each person’s chronic illness and then remove the source rather than apply bandaids that only cover up symptoms temporarily.

Mastering the subject matters will give you the knowledge you need to finally end the suffering of your clients, and help them live informed, healthy lives. 

We take your training beyond physical health…

Let’s talk Business & Financial Health.

As a health practitioner, we know financial wellness
plays a HUGE part in your overall health. 

You got into this work because you wanted to help people. 
You didn’t realize you had to be a full-on entrepreneur, too!

There is so much work that goes into the business of this work. 
The promotion, managing client accounts, staying on top of billing…

It’s a lot to figure out on your own. And unlike other health certificates, we’re not going 
to hold out and try to upsell you business training at the end once you’re already invested.

We include 100% business support from the beginning 
to provide you the security, pressure-relief, and answers to help you run a successful business using our methods. 

You’re in this work for the right reasons. We believe you deserve the support to help you be successful.
Are You Ready To Change Lives While Creating Life Changing Income?

What’s Included?

Our Stuff Actually Works Because It’s Not Just A Band-Aid.
Dr. Pompa’s protocols are responsible for healing hundreds of thousands of chronically ill people around the globe. We’re here to support you all the way through, with real protocols, real experts, and real business support that will deliver



The PompaCore Certification™ Provides The Comprehensive Coaching, Community, & Protocols To Create A Flourishing Health Practice


Questions Other Health Practitioners Asked Before They Enrolled In The PompaCore Certification™

Students have reported that it takes 6-7 months to complete

The PompaCore Certification™ is designed to give you all the tools & knowledge you need to create health by addressing the root cause of disease in yourself and in your clients. Beyond that, this certification gives you the support to create health in your business so you can create life changing income while changing lives!

Yes, but you will have 1:1 meetings with your own Success Coach every 2 weeks to help with you progress and understanding.

This is a complete online certification and is done in a “drip format”.  Meaning that access to future materials will not be available without completing the necessary modules before moving forward.

No.  All you need is the desire to help your community find the root cause of illness to help them obtain TRUE HEALTH.

Many have successfully completed the education by dedicating about 30 minutes per day.  That being said, you move at your own pace.

Because our certification has proprietary protocols and supplement specifics, we cannot at this time offer CEU credits.

Yes, we offer 4 payment plans.

  • Pay in Full: $6,120.90
  • Split Pay: $3,519 + $3,519 (total $7,038.00)
  • 3 Month: 3 X $2,346.00 (total $7,038.00)
  • 4 Month: 4 X $1,759 (total $7,038.00)

Yes.  We do require a yearly recertification.  You will be given opportunities to re-certify live/virtually within our community.

  1. Ancient Healing
    • In this leg you are learning all about diet and diet variation
      • Fasting
      • Seasonal Diet
      • Monthly Diet
      • Keto
      • Carnivore
      • Cellular Healing Diet
  2. The 5R’s of Cellular Healing
    • In this leg you are learning what happens to the cell when a toxic overload exists and how to upregulate the cell and prepare the body and cells for detoxification
    • A total of 5 quizzes and a final exam (must pass with an 80% or higher to gain access to more education)
  3. Cellular Detox
    • In this leg you are learning how to put all the puzzles pieces together to create
      • In-depth protocols
      • Supplement education
      • Upstream sources of toxicity
      • Protocols
  1. Onboarding 
    • G-Suite/Zoom Setup
    • Membership Site Setup
    • Setting up Payment Processor 
  2. Operations
    • Setting up price point
    • Managing Payments
    • Calendar Setup
    • Client Management
    • Product Fulfillment
  3. Coaching
    • Coaching Roadmap
    • Coaching Cadence
    • Coaching Templates
  4. Sales
    • The Sales Mindset
    • Sales Scripts
    • Handling Objections
    • Followup
  5. Marketing
    • Facebook Profile Setup
    • Building a Profitable Audience
    • Manufacturing Engagement
    • Ad Campaign Setup
  6. Accounting
    • Cash vs. Accrual
    • Cash Flow Statement
    • Accounting vs. Finance
    • Downloadable Spreadsheet for Financials
Of course! When you enroll in the PompaCore Certification™ you get… 
  • 3 Main modules focused on the Root Cause
  • 6 Month Certification Process
  • 1-on-1 Success Coach
  • Live Calls with Experts
  • Private Community
  • Resource Library Access With Over 20+ Educational Videos
  • 5 Months Worth of Supplementation at Wholesale (to experience the Cellular Detox you’ll be learning)
  • High-Level Business Bundle
  • Done-4-U Client Portal
  • Access to Pompa CMS (Client Management System)
  • Funnels/Follow Ups
  • Local & National Advertising
  • Product Fulfillment Service
  • Payment Management System
If that answers your questions, we invite you to join us on the mission to heal the world.

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