Platinum Team

Andrea Siebert

Andrea Siebert is a Certified Lifestyle Educator and Health Coach, with over 15 years of combined experience in clinical and practitioner coaching to guide you through your Platinum Program. Andrea will also pilot you through the Platinum Academy and provide you with the strategies, systems, and accountability you need to excel as a Platinum.

Tammy Stewart

Tammy works with the HC platinum practitioners to guide them in their own cellular healing journey and equip them to do so with their clients. And also to provide support in setting and reaching their goals for the cellular healing part of their practice.

Erica Martin

Erica Martin has been in the marketing industry for 17 years and holds a B.A. in Business Marketing. She is a certified business and marketing coach helping clients create clarity in their campaigns. Erica is working with health care practitioners to help build their marketing programs.

Sonya Niggli

Sonya Niggli is a Certified Health Coach and former Platinum Practitioner with HC.  She has over 22 years experience in the holistic health field.  Her specialties are office implementation and staff development having run a successful program for years.  She can help strategically organize offices with proper implementation, help in developing systems, and help identify proper placement of staff members to help you gain success in the Platinum program.

David Asarnow

David Asarnow is an authority in the area of accelerated business growth, and has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in sales over the last twenty years. His clients have added millions of dollars to their businesses after implementing David’s practical business advice. As a speaker, author, certified business consultant and master business/sales trainer, David has trained thousands of business professionals worldwide. David’s passion is helping business owners understand the psychology of success and how to incorporate this strategically in their businesses. Many of America’s top companies regularly hire David to train, motivate and inspire their teams.