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The Three-Legged Stool: The Autoimmune Answer

The Three-Legged Stool: Autoimmunity occurs when the body’s immune system attacks itself, and despite the rise in autoimmune conditions, there is no single solution to cure the symptoms.

Autoimmunity is the label given to a cluster of unexplained symptoms, including eczema, celiac disease, type 1 and 2 diabetes, Hashimoto’s, leaky gut, lupus, and IBS. Today we explore a concept known as the three-legged stool to tackle autoimmunity from a functional medicine perspective.

The Three-Legged Stool: What is the Immune System?

The immune system is an extensive network of cells and proteins that defends the body against infection. The immune system keeps a record of every foreign invader (called antigens) it has ever attacked so that it can recognize and destroy the microbe faster if it enters the body again 1.

Key players of the immune system include white blood cells, antibodies, the complement system, the lymphatic system, the spleen, the thymus, and the bone marrow. Although these are the parts of the body that actively fight infection, the whole body always plays a role, less directly.

What is Autoimmune Disease?

Autoimmune disease is diagnosed when the body’s immune system attacks healthy cells. In reality, this “disease” is not a proper diagnosis and is simply the blanket term given to an illness to which the root cause is not understood 2.

Some examples of autoimmune diseases include: 2-3

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Lupus
  • Celiac disease
  • Sjögren’s syndrome
  • Multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • Type 1 diabetes
  • Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
  • Guillain-Barre syndrome
  • Psoriasis
  • Grave’s disease
  • Hashimoto’s thyroiditis

The Three-Legged Stool: Common Autoimmune Symptoms

You may be reading so far and think that “this article is not for me… I don’t have an autoimmune disease.” Still, the reality is that autoimmunity can’t be specifically tested for, and the long list of diseases that fall under the category of autoimmunity are not proper diagnoses.

Suppose you know something is out of whack with your body. In that case, the collection of symptoms you’re experiencing may be autoimmunity, even if they don’t fall under one of the classic labeled types.

Common symptoms of autoimmunity include: 4-5

  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Brain fog
  • Dry mouth
  • Swollen glands
  • Attention-deficit problems
  • Body rashes
  • Acne
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Rosacea
  • Dermatitis
  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Frequent colds
  • Underactive or overactive thyroid problems, including Hashimoto’s disease or Graves disease
  • Fatigue or hyperactivity
  • Feeling “wired and tired.”
  • Weight gain or loss
  • A general feeling of unease
  • Muscle pain and weakness
  • Stiffness and pain, including rheumatoid arthritis or fibromyalgia symptoms
  • Exhaustion
  • Digestive tract upset including irritable bowel disease (IBS) or Crohn’s disease
  • Abdominal pain
  • Stomach cramping
  • Gas
  • Bloated stomach
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation

Autoimmunity is not that helpful of a diagnosis because it is not uncovering a root cause. It is simply the collection of unexplained symptoms that cause the body to attack itself 5. Often, we dismiss such a type of diagnosis by suggesting that it’s a normal reaction to life.

Terms like “mommy brain,” “that time of the month,” or simply “getting old” dismiss the very real symptoms that are diminishing your quality of life. Before ignoring your symptoms merely because they are common, best understand how the three-legged stool analogy may bring you back to thriving.

The Three-Legged Stool: The Autoimmune Answer

People are getting sick and not getting well; what is going on? The three-legged stool analogy addresses the “why” behind the explosion of autoimmune diagnoses we have coming out of the West.

Although humans generally want there to be one answer to their question, the reality is that autoimmune illness is complex. Western medicine has primed our brains to seek one pill, one shot, or one operation to ‘fix’ the problem, but as we can see by the booming and unsolved autoimmune diagnosis, this one problem one solution mindset just does not work.

The concept itself is straightforward: for a stool to function, all three legs have to be present. Take one (or more) away, and the chair falls. Like a stool, your body has three main pillars that must be supported for you to experience good health, they are:

  1. Stressors (Physical, Chemical, and Emotional)
  2. Gut/ Microbiome
  3. DNA


Stress comes in three forms: chemical, emotional, and physical. Every drop of stress builds up in the body until the metaphorical bucket begins to overflow 6-8. This overflow s why some people hit a wall out of “nowhere”: your stress bucket has been accumulating for years. So the final event that tipped the scale might not have seemed like anything major, but in fact, it’s the cumulative effect of stress over a lifetime.

Chemical stressors are found everywhere in our modern environments. They include toxins found in 6-10

  • Food (GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, processed foods)
  • Mercury in amalgam fillings
  • Heavy metal toxicity (industrial exposure, air or water pollution, foods, medicines, improperly coated food containers, or lead-based paints)
  • Black mold found in homes, schools, stores, and office buildings
  • Tap water toxins (including chlorine and fluoride)
  • Conventional body care products (including SLS, parabens, and fragrances)

Physical stressors are also common-place in modern life. They include:

  • Too little or too much exercise
  • Stagnancy (sitting or standing in one position all day long)
  • Unaddressed biomechanical imbalances
  • Wearing conventional shoes (too narrow, or with a heel)

Emotional stressors are perhaps the least acknowledged form of stress because they are perceived stress. Perceived stress from negative emotions has just a real impact on stress hormones in the body. Although all emotions are healthy and normal, emotional stress is when stress becomes chronic and a looping feeling, without any resolution. These emotions include: 11

  • Grief
  • Sadness
  • Anger
  • Frustration
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Gut/ Microbiome

Dysbiosis in any of the body’s microbiomes (like the gut, oral, and skin) is associated with chronic inflammation in the body 12. The gut is significant when it comes to autoimmunity since it plays such a large role in regulating the immune system 13. Changes in the gut microbiome (too much, too little, or an imbalance of the “good” to “bad” bacteria) can cause immune dysregulation, which can lead to autoimmune disorders 14.


The old paradigm of disease often blamed genetics for our illnesses. Whatever runs in the family was understood to be inevitable when that simply is not the case. The newer branch of epigenetic science understands that although genes are present, they act as a loaded gun. Having a gene that predisposes you to cancer, diabetes, or Alzheimer’s makes it more likely to develop a disease but does not actually pull the trigger 15.

What pulls the trigger is lifestyle choices 15—particularly the two legs of the stool mentioned above: stress and gut/ microbiome. When stress or the gut microbiome is out of balance, this can trigger a genetic trait to turn on.

With all the incredible genetic testing available, we can get very informed about the pre-dispositions that our DNA holds, but it’s important not to let that scare you. The awareness of these pre-dispositions can cause more mental stress than benefit.

Rather than assuming an APOE-e4 gene (for example) will pretty much guarantee you develop Alzheimer’s, or that the BRCA1 or 2 genes will give you breast cancer 16— better to use this information as a reminder—your healthy lifestyle choices are more important than ever.

Getting Your Life Back: A Multi-Therapeutic Approach to Autoimmune Disease

You can understand autoimmunity as the perfect storm of stressors, as generally all three of these stool legs have been lost by the time you have an autoimmune diagnosis.

By understanding the source of the imbalance, we can then tackle autoimmunity with a multi-therapeutic approach to support or re-build these pillars (legs of the stool) so that you can get your life back. Knowing the cause also gives us the solution.

One of the most common missing links while addressing autoimmune disease healing is the chemical or toxic stressors on the body. Although the concept of detox is well known to most, an appropriate approach is not. Quick fixes, store-bought detox teas, or foot baths fail to safely and effectively target the cellular source of toxins.

The 5R Approach

The 5R approach to detox targets toxicity all the way upstream to the source: the cell. Cellular detox is not a quick fix, and although many symptoms can and often do alleviate within the first few months, it’s essential to stick with the protocols for much longer to undo years of toxic build-up.

The 5R approach entails:

  1. Removing the Source
  2. Regenerating the Cell Membrane
  3. Restoring Cellular Energy
  4. Reducing Inflammation
  5. Reestablishing Methylation

If you are dealing with chronic issues of autoimmunity, the best way to navigate a 5R healing approach is under the care of a functional medicine practitioner. This is why thousands of doctors across America are trained in this method to support a safe and effective journey out of chronic illness and back to health. You can connect with a practitioner by calling (800) 833-2941.

Ancient Healing Techniques

Alongside the 5R approach to safe and effective detoxification, ancient healing techniques are used to harness the power of hormesis. Hormetic stress generates hormesis, a positive adaptation in the body. This strengthens the bodily systems to be more flexible and resilient against changes in the environment 17.

Some examples of hormetic stressors include:

  • Dietary adaptation (some ketogenic low carb days, some high carb days, some fasting days)
  • Intermittent fasting (periods of feeding and periods of fasting, within a 24-hour cycle)
  • Feast/ famine cycling (periods of extended fasting)
  • Hot/ cold therapy
  • Exercise (some explosive training days, some slow heavy training days, some recovery days)

It’s important to understand that although hormetic stress is “good” stress, it is still stress. If you are dealing with debilitating autoimmune symptoms, hormetic stressors need to be introduced very gently.

Some ways to ease into hormetic stressors:

  • Dietary adaptation would involve more high carb days, as you slowly become more metabolically flexible, you can introduce more low carb and fasting days.
  • Intermittent fasting could hover around 12 hours of feeding and 12 hours of fasting per day. This fasting can increase slowly with time, as the body can handle it.
  • Longer fasting periods can be introduced once metabolic flexibility is increased through dietary adaptation and intermittent fasting and under the care of a practitioner.
  • Instead of taking an ice bath right off the bat, you can take a quick cold shower at the end of a hot shower. You can even start off by simply doing a cold face plunge in a big bowl with a few ice cubes.
  • Exercise for shorter periods regularly, and increase intensity over time. For someone who is very sick, stick to relaxing forms of movement like gentle walks or yoga, knowing that as the body heals, you will introduce more intense forms of exercise.


Autoimmune diseases are on the rise, and diagnoses include various illnesses where the immune system attacks itself. However, the diagnosis itself to autoimmunity does not address the root cause because the diagnosis is based on symptoms. One way to understand, and therefore start to heal from, autoimmunity is the three-legged stool analogy.

Stress, the gut/ microbiome, and DNA form the three legs of the stool, and autoimmunity becomes an issue when one or more (but generally all three) are off. The perfect storm that creates autoimmunity can countered with a multi-therapeutic approach that uses the 5R method for detox and ancestral healing techniques.

Medical Disclaimer: This article is based upon the opinions of Dr. Daniel Pompa. The information on this website is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from the research and experience of Dr. Pompa and his associates. This article has been medically reviewed by Dr. Charles Penick, MD for accuracy of the information provided, but Dr. Pompa encourages you to make your own health care decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional.


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R5 Reestablishing Methylation Turning Genes On/Off and Gene Expression

R5 – Reestablishing Methylation:

Turning Genes On and Off, Gene Expression and Understanding the “Fat” Agouti Gene

At this point, it should be more than obvious that the 5R’s of cellular healing were divinely established. I could never take credit for something that came the way this did. As you can see from the past R’s, each one had a particular and personal story of how God, through much prayer showed me exactly what I needed in order to go to the next level in my own healing. Of course, as you will see shortly through my wife’s story, it would be the same for R5 (Reestablishing Methylation).

I recall sitting on an airplane (which, by the way, is where most of my divinely inspired work has occurred), and struggling with the complexities of the concepts I had learned, which at that time, I simply referred to as concepts of “cellular healing”. Most of my struggle was about how to communicate it in a way that people could understand. I knew that if people couldn’t grasp it; it would never be the life changer I knew it to be, especially knowing what it did for me and where it came from. I do not recall if I had prayed in my frustration at that time, but I know I had been praying about it for a while. I had become more frustrated with each talk I was giving on the subject. I knew I had a message and an answer from God Himself to the multitude of chronic diseases and unexplainable conditions that so many, including myself, were suffering from, and yet it was not making the impact I had expected. I would speak the information with great passion only to receive blank stares in return. I believe most were able to understand the basic concept, but had no real way of conceptualizing exactly what I was saying so that it could be used in practice. As I sat on the airplane hearing only the sound of the jet engines, I started writing down the main concepts of “cellular healing”. This was a huge step, just narrowing down the concepts to single words or phrases. At that time there appeared to be only 4 main concepts that captured what I had learned. I recall that 2 of the 4 had the letter R associated with them. Then, as if it were meant to be written that way, I realized that they all came with an R word that preceded it to not only help remember the R, but also a verb (an action word) describing what to do. Not that the magic is in the R words, it is in the fact that it gives the doctor, and as it turns out, the patient, a way to put into context all of the concepts needed to fix the cell in order to get well. Ultimately, the R’s provide a road map to cellular healing. Now there is a system and something to follow; a way to put it into to practice and utilize it with every patient. This should be at the core of every protocol, because it addresses the core reasons of why people are so sick today. It hits on every aspect of why we are seeing more conditions that we once were able to help with natural treatments, but are now seemingly unresponsive.

God’s Work Was Not Finished: R5 Emerges

I know what you are thinking! “That’s only 4 R’s, what about R5?” As I stated above: each R came to me as God brought it, and as needed. First of all, I have to say that I knew that it couldn’t be just 4 R’s. It seems that everything comes to me in 3’s and 5’s or at least in odd numbers. That may seem crazy, but when I looked back at everything I had done in the past that had merit, it was organized in odd numbers. Someone told me once when I made mention of this, that people remember things better in odd numbers. I do not know if that’s true or not, but God definitely spoke things to me this way.

At this time, new studies were emerging on the subject of epigenetics that captivated me because they supported something that I intuitively had know for years; people didn’t get sick from their bad genes, but from bad life styles and living in a toxic world. The new science backed this concept and gave a better understanding of how gene expression actually occurs and more importantly how to change back the bad gene expression for good. These new treatments have been groundbreaking in so many areas of disease. I can testify to my own experience as a practitioner to the growing number of cases that do not respond to protocols that had previously helped so many; I know many of you reading this can relate. One of the things I learned from this research is that you can have the best protocol, diet and intentions, but if a bad gene of susceptibility is turned on and expressing an unhealthy condition, it must be turned off for true healing and a lasting change.

A stressor of any type can turn on a bad gene, and oftentimes, it gets triggered during emotionally stressful times such as divorce, separation, the death of a loved one etc. Even physically stressful times like pregnancy, can trigger a gene that begins expressing its ugliness in the form of hormone problems and even sudden weight gain. Many thyroid and autoimmune conditions start shortly after pregnancy and will not resolve until the gene is turned off. These same conditions can be triggered following a toxic exposure such as amalgam fillings being drilled out without proper protection, or being in a house that develops mold after water damage. How about the one I hear all the time; “this all started after my flu shot” or “my son was normal until he got his vaccinations”.

Is Your Agouti Gene Triggered?

The best example of a toxin’s ability to trigger a gene is a study that was done at Duke University. The study took identical twin mice and separated the brothers and sisters into two groups and exposed one group of twins to a common toxin found in plastics, cosmetics and many other sources including canned foods. The toxin is called BPA, and is known for its ability to turn on obesity genes. It is commonly referred to as an “obesogen” (a chemical that can causes obesity). The BPA was given to the mice at a dose relative to their size as compared to that of a human. Both groups exercised and ate the same diet. The identical twins given the toxin BPA, despite exercising and eating the same diet as their twin brothers and sisters, became obese because a gene known as the “agouti gene” was triggered. The agouti gene when turned on will cause obesity, heart disease and even the hair to turn dry and yellow. Their offspring were not exposed to the BPA, but were born doomed for obesity because their “agouti gene” was turned on from their parent’s toxic exposure. They became fat teenage mice despite exercise and the same diet as their thin twins. The best part of the study was they gave the mice something called methyl groups, which methylate DNA to turn off the fat gene. They became thin again and even their new offspring remained thin as well. Methyl groups are part of a product that I utilize with every patient called MORS (Systemic Formulas).

Why Most Methylation PRODUCTS DO NOT WORK – Intoducing MORS

MORS is the most complete methylation product available today. The methylation cycle is very complex with many rate-limiting factors that can cause depletion, and MORS is the only product I know that addresses all of them. Using certain active forms of methyl donors that are utilized directly in the cell without being converted to another form, such as methyltetrahydrofolate, is important because many people genetically do not have the enzymes to make the conversion and are predisposed to methyl depletion (this is known as an MTHFR genetic snip). These individuals are also more predisposed to toxic build up and need to take the correct product with the active forms such as MORS. Methyl depletion goes far beyond the inability to detox, but sets up a host of unexplainable symptoms and diseases that is best explained by a principle known as “The Methylation Priority Principle”.

“The Methylation Priority Principle”: An Answer to the Unexplainable

Methylation is a process in the body with many responsibilities, one of which is to turn good genes on and bad ones off. If methyl groups are lacking, it leaves greater opportunity for toxins, inflammation and other stressors to trigger bad genes more easily. A researcher and doctor named Dr. Alan Vinitsky theorized that due to the importance of methylation in the body and its multiple functions, there must be a prioritization of the valuable methyl groups it uses in the many life-sustaining functions. I believe his principle and theory are correct. There is a hierarchy of importance in the body for all things needed, and survival is always at the top, therefore your body’s innate intelligence will utilize methyl groups for survival first at the expense of other needs for methylation such as protecting the DNA and gene expression. If methyl groups are lacking, your body will use them first to adapt to stress as a means for survival. For example, it needs methyl groups to activate cortisol and adrenalin (the 2 most important stress hormones) and if there is a lack of methyl groups it will take them away from other uses to activate the hormones needed to adapt to stress. If your body does not adapt to stress it dies, and its greatest priority is to live. The problem is that now the other needs are not met and new problems will arise such as DNA damage (cancer) or genes of susceptibly being turned on. This is a new understanding of how stress can lead to a host of different diseases.

Stress in fact, is the number one way methyl groups become depleted. Remember, your body does not know the difference between stress: whether physical, chemical or emotional. Its response is the same, and its use of methyl groups to adapt to the stress is the same. Yes all of your worrying is costing you valuable methyl groups and putting your DNA at risk. What about your chemical exposures from toxic personal care products, silver amalgam fillings, non-organic foods, grain-fed meats, city water, vaccinations, the list goes on. Add these stressors together (emotional and chemical), it is no wonder methyl depletion is driving a surge in hormone problems and what we call unexplainable diseases. Even chronic anxiety and depression can be linked to methyl depletion. Methyl groups are needed to turn on the stress response but they are also needed to turn it off. Some people become so depleted due to multiple stressors that they simply do not have enough to turn off the stress response and are left in a heightened stress reaction with ups and downs in cortisol and adrenalin. These individuals not only have anxiety, but also sleep problems and eventually depression.

Hormones, Cancer and Methyl Depletion

I had said earlier in this article that I learned this information the hard way through personal battles. Unfortunately, I became deeply acquainted with the “methylation priority principle” through my wife’s battle. I truly have bled for this information and because this personal battle dealt with my wife’s hormones you could say I bled deeply.

When I first met my wife Merily back in college, she was eating the standard American diet. I recall looking in her cabinet and seeing peanut butter, Snyder’s hard pretzels, and Ramen Noodles. I was stunned by the foods she was surviving on when eating at home. Needless to say, she had the symptoms to go along with her diet. She suffered from multiple hormone problems and severe allergies. I remember her lying in bed every spring and fall for days with cold compresses on her sinuses due to her severe allergies. She would take enormous sized horse pills (800 mg of Motrin in each) just to get through her cycle.

It was clear that if this relationship was to go any further, things had to change and clearly they did. Merily changed her diet and even fasted. Some years later, her allergies and most of her hormone problems had resolved. However, there were some persistent hormone related issues that remained. At one point, odd anxiety, emotions, and even a feeling of being outside of herself had expressed itself out of nowhere.

We Found the Hidden Source of the Problem

At this point, I decided to check her heavy metal levels because I had suspected her mother to have high lead (the number one source of lead comes from mom). The heavy metal test came back with extremely high levels of lead, just as I expected. This explained the unresolved hormone challenges. I applied what I had learned about “true heavy metal chelation” through my own battle with mercury to her high lead levels. By the way, one of my greatest pet peeves is that most doctors, both alternative and allopathic, detox heavy metals incorrectly making it ineffective and worse yet; unsafe. As we removed the lead through the proper protocol, many of her symptoms began to subside. However, some symptoms would come and go, especially once she stopped certain supplements.

This Test Saved My Wife’s Life

This lead me to run a urine 24-Hour Hormone Test, which, in my opinion is the best way to assess hormones and to get a better glimpse of what was going on. By the way, this is the same test that Suzanne Somers attributed to saving her life. I also believe this test saved my wife’s life. The test revealed by assessing the 2 phases of estrogen metabolism (the 2 ways your body gets rid of toxic estrogen) that she was heading for an estrogen dominant type of cancer. Unfortunately, most doctors are still looking at “blood estrogen levels” as opposed to urine to determine the risk for estrogen related cancers. The 24-Hour Hormone Test (urine collection) utilizes the new research on assessing the ratio of good to bad estrogen metabolites (Phase 1 Estrogen Metabolism), and the body’s abilities to attach a methyl group to toxic estrogen and remove it form the body (Phase 2 Estrogen Metabolism). My wife was in the red zone on both. She had become severely methyl depleted because of her elevated lead levels. Her body was prioritizing the use of methyl groups to deal with the stress of toxic lead at the expense of getting rid of bad estrogen. No doubt this also turned on some bad genes, which was causing some of the new symptoms as well. We were able to up her methylation and with the release of the new product MORS some time later, her symptoms resolved. More importantly, she didn’t end up like her mother, which is still a lesson that I hope those reading this hear clearly.

This Lesson That I Pray You All Hear

Merily’s mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in her 50’s and did the typical lumpectomy and radiation treatments. I told her then that she needed to get to the cause of why she got cancer in the first place but my advice fell on deaf ears, especially after her treatment was considered a success and she was now considered cured. After 5 years of being cancer free, the word “cured” can be used. Unfortunately, the statistics show a high return rate of another estrogen type of cancer around the ten-year mark. Right around that ten-year mark of being “cancer free” or “cured”, she was then diagnosed with stage 4 uterine cancer (the worst kind). She once again did the standard treatments and never did get to the cause (high lead causing methyl depletion and the build up of toxic estrogen) and she died two years later. It was so sad to watch, but her faith in Jesus Christ came shining trough in her battle. That part was beautiful to watch and was an amazing testimony to all of those who knew her. We watched her faith transform and her profession of Christ as her Savior was never more evident. My wife or I could say and have, “what if she would have taken the 24-Hour Hormone Test, taken MORS and chelated the lead out?” Would she still be here? I don’t know, but perhaps God’s greater purpose was her testimony in the end to those who watched in utter amazement as she departed this world with grace and love…something that she struggled with while living out her own challenges. This life lesson has made me that much more bold about this topic and has allowed me an even greater passion to transform more lives… that is absolutely for certain. I pray those reading this article will learn from our personal story and take action before it is too late. This epidemic is massive and growing and too few are speaking about the true cause when the science behind it is so strong and clear.

My Final Plea

The 5R’s came out of much suffering and it may not be the answer to every health problem, but I know it came from God to impact a remnant for those who can see it to truly get it. It is estimated that 3% of people are those who just take action and live their lives from “cause”. They intuitively know that everything in life comes from something. This knowing drives them to always look deeper, and even to look to themselves for the answers so they can make the necessary changes to affect their outcome. They rarely look to blame, and it is these 3%ers that are most successful in the majority of things they do in life. The 97% seem to have a lot of reasons why they will not do something, and live their lives from “effect” not considering that there is always a cause. Most blame others or simply think life is random and therefore do not take action to make changes. The best part is we can learn to be 3%ers. It is a daily choice. BE A 3%er! TAKE ACTION WITH WHAT YOU LEARNED IN THESE 5 R’s. I know you didn’t read this by accident.

R4 Reducing Cellular Inflammation Oxidative Stress & Nitric Oxide Cycle

Reducing Cellular Inflammation:

The 3 Causes of Oxidative Stress, Controlling Glucose and Insulin, and Secrets of the Nitric Oxide Cycle

TIME Magazine, February 2004, the headlines read,” THE SECRET KILLER – The surprising link between INFLAMMATION and HEART ATTACKS, CANCER, ALZHEIMER’S, and other diseases.” Back in 2004, this was breaking news. At that time, most people never made an association with inflammation and disease until headlines like this started pouring out from mainstream media. Today, I think the majority of people have heard of the association but still do not really understand the connection. If you were to ask someone about inflammation, they would still think you are referring to pain in a shoulder or knee. While this is most certainly an example of inflammation, conceptualizing how it relates to diabetes, thyroid conditions or even the inability to lose weight is not something that has often not been considered. Systemic cellular inflammation is what is driving the epidemic of chronic diseases and hormone conditions that are so pervasive within our culture today. More specifically, I am referring to inflammation of the cell membrane that affects the way the cell communicates, detoxes and will ultimately change gene expression, which leads to a disease of genetic weakness. Understanding how inflammation affects the cell and how to down-regulate it is a must to get almost any condition well. The unfortunate reality is that most practitioners are not keeping up with some of the exciting new research in the area of inflammation, detox or gene expression, which would dramatically change the results they are getting in their practices. Therefore, my goal is for this article is to bring those who are reading it to a new level of understanding and, therefore, success, whether in their personal health, or their practice for the greater purpose of changing a paradigm.

If You Do Not Know the CAUSE, You Cannot Fix the PROBLEM!!!

There are many causes of cellular inflammation, however, there are 3 main contributors that always need addressed in order to down-regulate inflammation, which in turn will restore the body to health. This may sound like my original point of R1, which is to remove the source and therefore, enable the rest of the R’s to be effective with lasting results, but I feel it is important to mention this now as to its significance relating to inflammation. The unfortunate reality is that most practitioners are not educating individuals about these 3 lifesaving truths that I am going to share with you.

The Truth Most Do Not Want To Hear

The first of the 3 is one that practitioners fail to focus on because they oftentimes do not want to change this in their own lives, or perhaps they do not fully understand the significance of this change. Controlling glucose/insulin is of paramount importance for any anti-inflammation program to be effective as it is a driving force that cannot be penetrated by any supplementation protocol. For example, diabetics do not die from diabetes, but from other degenerative conditions. Despite being on medication, 68% of all diabetics die from heart disease, and 50% of diabetics end up with dementia or Alzheimer’s as they age rapidly from the inside out. This is directly due to the oxidation/inflammation from uncontrolled glucose and insulin. Even when they take medication and force their glucose to be within normal ranges, they still have episodes of extreme highs and lows with their glucose and insulin causing inflammation and, therefore, premature aging and disease. By the way, grains, not sugar, are the #1 contributor to elevated glucose. Yes, even whole grains. Did you know that 2 pieces of whole grain toast or a bowl of oatmeal raises glucose the same as a 12oz soda? This is why my Cellular Healing Diet eliminates ALL GRAINS from the diet UNTIL cellular inflammation is corrected.

The Most Controversial Truth of All

The 2nd major contributor to the cellular inflammation epidemic is “bad fats”. Once again, I do not want to belabor the point of a past teaching (in R2, Regenerating the Cell Membrane), where I discuss “good fats vs. bad fats.” However, recognizing its connection to inflammation is intended to remind and reiterate this information so as not to misplace its significance; especially considering it is counterintuitive to the message we hear today regarding fats. I wish it were as simple as just saying bad fats drive inflammation, but this is not so. It is imperative to identify them. When we look at new research about the cell membrane, it becomes clear that saturated fat and cholesterol (the 2 most “vilified” fats) are in fact, the 2 most necessary fats to regenerate the cell membrane. The irony is the fats being promoted by our “protective” government bodies for maintaining health are the real culprits. Oxidized and denatured polyunsaturated fats, which are in everything thing we eat in the form of vegetable oils, are the real bad guys. It is not that polyunsaturated fats are “bad” in and of themselves, but are very fragile and denature easily, which turns them into a bad fat. We are all familiar with the damaging effects of trans fats such as hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils, and many companies even promote their products using labels that say: “NO TRANS FATS ”, but vegetable oils have now become the bigger issue. Even most fish oil is denatured because, it too, is polyunsaturated and very fragile. Recall from R2 that many people are taking too much fish oil causing “OMEGA 3 DOMINANCE”, and not to mention, most of the fish oil is damaged and denatured, only driving inflammation even further. The simple truth is this: the opposite outcome is occurring for which was intended, by taking the fish oil in the first place. The bottom line is this; do the opposite of what the government is saying and get rid of the vegetable oils. Take an amazing supplement called VISTA by Systemic Formulas (which is the perfect balance of good fats and created by a biochemist with a brilliant mind who understands all too well what is at stake), and eat more grass-fed meat and dairy. This is another core principle of The Cellular Healing Diet.

The Hidden and Unspoken Truth

Lastly, toxins are, in my opinion, the biggest driving factor of inflammation today. I have discussed this in every R of cellular healing, so I will not get into it here but I will say this: if you do not remove the hidden sources of toxins within your body, the chronic inflammation will NEVER be resolved. How many people do you have in your practice that still have “silver amalgam fillings” in their mouth? How many people are living in moldy homes? How many of them have undiagnosed Lyme disease? And how many are still drinking tap water and surrounding themselves with the toxic onslaught of modern-day living? That the personal care products they use every morning contain, on average, 518 chemicals that are known “hormone disruptors”. Of course it is also our job to educate them on the causes of the “SECRET KILLER”. Hidden toxic sources should not be an “unspoken truth” if you truly desire to change lives. If we do not, who will?

The Theory That Changed My Life

The last 10 years has brought volumes of new research in the area of inflammation. There is one area of research that changed me, my health and my pursuit of knowledge forever. In R3, I spoke of an inflammation cycle called the NO/ONOO Cycle. It is the brilliant work of a biochemist named Martin Pall. Pall, in his vast research of cellular inflammation and his NO/ONOO Cycle theory, has given us an answer for so many unexplainable illnesses. Suffering with my own unexplainable illness, this became a theory that changed my life. After I got most of my life back I faced perhaps the most troubling part of my illness; “multiple chemical sensitivity” (MCS). MCS is considered by most to be unexplainable, but Pall’s theory gives a true etiology. MCS lies within the wake of so many chronic illnesses today and ruins lives. Most of these poor individuals go misunderstood and are told it is all their head; I can assure you FIRST HAND, it is not.

Detox Was Not Enough

At this point, most of you understand why reducing inflammation is one of the 5R’s. However, the information about this new type of inflammation, which is driven by the NO/ONOO Cycle, led me to my final piece of the puzzle. Even after I emptied my bucket (removing my toxic load), I was still plagued by bizarre symptoms that seemed to appear out of nowhere. I think it was more frustrating because I would go days, weeks and sometimes even months without symptoms only to revisit symptoms that I had had in my worst times. As a matter of fact, I recall saying many times to my wife, in my periodic states of desperation (even though random and infrequent by comparison), that I could not go back there. What I was most afraid of when I had overcome so much was revisiting the hell of my unexplainable illness that I thought I was delivered from. I simply couldn’t understand, nor figure out, why these periodic episodes would come and go and leave me in such a frazzled state. At one point I realized that these episodes were not so random and I actually began to realize that they followed exposures to certain chemicals. It took time, but I began to isolate what those chemicals were and the various feelings or symptoms that they brought about. In fact, this is a good place for me to perhaps bring to your attention something I have found in many other people and not just myself; that a variety of chemicals that are sniffed either intentionally or unintentionally can bring about symptoms that are not random and need to be acknowledged. It may be the whiff of a diesel truck, or perhaps a woman’s (or man’s) fragrance on the street or in the office. I have even had first-hand experience with women staying sick and unwilling to admit that they were their own source of exacerbation. It’s very difficult at times to remove the source when it’s all around you and in your daily life. That still does not change that removing the obvious exacerbating sources is step one. I removed the sources I knew were affecting me, but there were just too many other exposures that would send me reeling backwards. I just couldn’t go on like this. Especially when people think you’re just nuts and at times you think that perhaps you are. Some years of living this reality myself left me searching for answers and this is when God allowed me to stumble upon Palls work.

The How To

After studying Pall’s, work as well as others, I began utilizing certain nutrients and antioxidants for the purpose of stopping the vicious cycle of inflammation (NO/ONOO Cycle). As I explained in R3, the NO/ONOO Cycle is a positive feedback that perpetuates inflammation within the cell. In this complicated cycle, chronic inflammation, driven by toxins, infections or stress of any type, stimulates certain nasty free radicals that can feed back into the perpetuating cycle that literally feeds itself. I was using several different supplements and individual nutrients that I had researched to stop the vicious cycle. It worked! I began to be a non-fearing, and almost excited, fully functional part society again. It’s important to point out that just detox alone is not enough once the vicious cycle unleashes its fury of cellular inflammation. The toxins must come out, but the cycle must also be stopped to bring one back to a life of normal.

Taking a handful, or sometimes bagful, of supplements can get old and costly. With the insightful work of Shayne Morris, who I spoke of above and in many of my other writings, as well as some elements from my own research, we developed a product with Systemic Formulas called EPIC. If I only had this product when I was getting well it would have saved me years and money, not to mention the frustration of the search for answers. EPIC is the perfect combination of ingredients that down regulates the NO/ONOO Cycle in one bottle. It has impacted so many lives with no surprise to me. Anything that stems from so much pain and suffering is bound to change lives and EPIC has. The testimonies abound from a multitude of unexplainable illnesses as well as others.

The New Frontier

Research in the last 5 years has led to another exciting frontier in inflammation and its role in chronic disease. I have made mention of this frontier in some of the past “R’s”, it’s called epigenetics . Changing gene expression is the core of epigenetics and the key to getting chronic inflammation-driven diseases well. I am going to discuss this in detail in R5R5 (Reestablishing Methylation) so I will not go in depth here, but it’s important to understand that inflammation can change gene expression for the worse. What I mean to say is that we all have genes that predispose us to certain conditions, but these genes need to be turned on to actually express the disease. Inflammation in the cell can trigger one or more of these genes of susceptibility. I believe that unless you understand how to change this gene expression, you will not get most conditions well today. Certain antioxidants play a very important role in down-regulating inflammation in the cells that affect the DNA, and therefore, gene expression. Dr. Morris, with a great base of knowledge as well as even further understanding of the particulars in the area of epigenetics, created a product called ROX. When you study the research of certain antioxidants and how they affect gene expression, you will realize ROX is a product that is years ahead of its time. This product has become a key component of the 5R products needed to impact the epidemic of inflammation, autoimmune diseases and hormone conditions that are plaguing this country.

The next “5R” training will bring to light this new area in science that you cannot do without if you truly desire to impact the epidemic of degenerative diseases that are showing up in your office.

R3 Restoring Cellular Energy ATP Acceleration and Mitochondria Support

R3 – Restoring Cellular Energy

R3 – The Catalyst to True Healing

Welcome to R3 (Restoring Cellular Energy) of the 5R’s of cellular healing and cellular detox. Before I get too in depth with R3, I want to review. R1 is removing the source, which can mean a few different things. It can mean removing an individual from a toxic environment, removing the bioaccumulation of toxins in the tissues and cells of the body, or both. The core product we utilize in this process is called The Intracellular Detox System (IDS). There are other products that may be used depending on the toxin, but IDS is the core of every detox program because intracellular glutathione must be increased and maintained throughout the detox. The toxins must be brought completely out of the body to reduce or eliminate unwanted symptoms, as well as make detox successful and this is what BIND of IDS does so well. R2 (Regenerating the Cell Membrane) is also imperative for true cellular detox as well changing gene expression, normal hormone function and many other cellular functions such as resorting cellular energy, which is today’s topic of R3.

Beyond Fatigue

As you can see, all of the R’s run congruently with one another and as a result, when you affect one, it has an effect on the others. R3 affects every pathway associated with cellular healing. Cellular energy (ATP) and ATP Acceleration is the gasoline of the cell and nothing runs or functions without it. Individuals lacking ATP have become an epidemic in this country and one of the main causes of so many symptoms beyond fatigue and the lack of physical energy. Symptoms such as brain fog, digestive problems and hormone conditions may not be what you think of with the lack of cellular energy, but I can tell you this; without raising ATP in the cell, most often you will not impact those symptoms or conditions. Because of this, R3 has become one of the first things I focus on with most patients. The problem is the people who need to increase their cellular energy the most do not typically respond to most methods of raising it.

The Answer: So Simple, But So Life Changing

It was so simple that I almost missed it. When I was sick, I knew I had very little cellular energy, but what I didn’t realize is that it was keeping many of my other efforts to get well from working. Cellular energy obviously effects how we feel, and being chronically fatigued, my cellular energy (ATP) was initially my greatest hurdle to overcome. I was taking many supplements for inflammation, my gut, immune system and detox, but at that time nothing seemed to make much of a difference. To be honest I recall most of my efforts making me worse. I was very sensitive to certain things and others I felt nothing despite the dose that I took. It was very frustrating to me, as after hours of research and hearing of other people’s success, I would be certain that a particular product or protocol was part of the answer.

After much of my research on the cell membrane, I knew an inflamed membrane would not allow the things needed for normal cell function to get into the cell. I remembered an old trick body builders would use in order to bring more amino acids in the cell. They would use certain nutrients that would shuttle very easily into the cell as carrying agents to assist in the passage of amino acids. It worked! I felt a significant difference. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t healed by any means, but I was on to something. I was using high dose ribose and some other tricks that not only made a difference in my energy, but it also allowed the passage of amino acids needed to make glutathione and I noticed a reduction in other symptoms. These “tricks” and other technologies are used in the GCEL product in the Intracellular Detox System we discussed in R1, as well as the product used for R3 called eNRG .

Energy, Inflammation and Unexplainable Symptoms

After my cellular energy began increasing, I realized that I was less sensitive and that other products or protocols were starting to work. It wasn’t until some years later I learned why. It was after studying the work of a brilliant biochemist named Martin Pall that I was given the answer and some other answers that I will discuss in R4 (Reducing Inflammation). Pall discovered a breakthrough in inflammation and chronic diseases. Especially unexplainable diseases, like mine at that time. His theory is linked to an inflammation positive feed back loop that he termed the NO/ONOO cycle. In this complicated cycle, chronic inflammation driven by toxins, infections or stress of any type, stimulates certain nasty free radicals that can feed back into a perpetuating cycle that literally feeds itself. If this cycle is not down regulated, the person becomes chronically sick with many unexplainable symptoms. As a matter of fact, if this cycle is not down regulated, the person will remain very sick and nothing seems to work (I will discuss the “how to” in the next R4 article). These individuals end up with many sensitivities including multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS). This was my personal experience, as well as existence, even after most of my symptoms were gone. MCS lies in the wake of many inflammation-driven diseases and these poor people go misunderstood and mistreated.

In Pall’s work, the drop in ATP (cellular energy) feeds the cycle. In other words, the lower the ATP, the more inflammation. One part of the cycle gives explanation to how the drop in cellular energy (ATP) can cause the over sensitivity (MCS) by driving nerve system memory (long term potentiation). This information lead me the rest of the way out of my long time battle, but also showed me that restoring cellular energy (R3) had to be one of the first things a doctor does, especially with very sick and challenged patients.

The New Way To Restore Cellular Energy (ATP)

There are 2 ways to increase ATP. The first way is the way is what I described above and applied when I was sick. Of primary importance is getting the necessary components to make energy into the cell. As I said before, that can be a challenge with an inflamed cell and a quality product takes this into consideration. This method is analogous to adding more wood to the fire. You need the fuel for the fire and therefore, should be a part of every effective product or protocol, especially if you are looking for results. The second way is by making more “factories”. In other words, instead of just adding more wood to the fire, make more fires or factories to produce more energy. This is done in the cell by producing more mitochondria. This is a process called, mitochondrial biogenesis. The mitochondria is where the energy is produced, so it is in fact the energy factory. Therefore, if our cells have more factories, then we should be able to produce more energy. This in fact is exactly what we find. Athletes have more mitochondria per cell than the non-athlete and can produce much more energy. However, the opposite is also true. Sick people and people with chronic inflammation have far fewer mitochondria than the average person and, therefore, far less cellular energy even for basic function. Once again this leads to many of their symptoms including sensitivities as well as why they do not respond to what would be effective treatments. New research and technology has allowed Systemic Formulas to utilize both of these methods in the product eNRG provides incredible Mitochondria Support and cellular energy (ATP) support. This product is always at the front line of every protocol I give. Before this product, we had to give 3-4 different products in an attempt to raise ATP, but we still didn’t have the new technology of mitochondrial biogenesis.

Do not confuse this with an energy product that stimulates you like a cup of coffee. This product takes time to build true lasting energy that the cells can use in order to function. The irony is that many who take eNRG say they notice a difference right away. I believe it is due to the down regulation of inflammation, in which ATP plays a significant role. See this list of natural energy supplements from Revelation Health for more.

A New Frontier

If inflammation is the root cause of all degenerative diseases, then R4 (Reducing Inflammation) could be the most important R of all, but as you now know, all of the R’s play into one another. With that said, with some new discoveries such as the NO/ONOO cycle I mentioned earlier, we are at an exciting time in healing. Especially in this new frontier.

R2 Regenerating the Cell Membrane Omega 6 and Omega 3 Fatty Acid Ratio

R2: Regenerating the Cell Membrane

The Truth About the Power of Healthy Fats and How It Changed My Life Forever

R2 (Regenerating the Cell Membrane) has had the greatest impact on my life. Regenerating the membrane has done more for me than any other therapy. R2 not only dramatically improved my life, but also the life of my adopted son, who was on the autism spectrum and diagnosed with sensory integration. As you will learn in this teaching, the cell membrane plays a major role in detox, epigenetics and hormone health and holds the intelligence of the cell. Regenerating the cell membrane is at the core of a solution to the growing number of unexplainable symptoms and degenerative diseases that we are seeing today in epidemic proportions. If you missed out on R1 (Removing the Source) you can go here to read this article.

My Story Wasn’t Over

You heard a little bit about my story and how my silver amalgam fillings lead to my unexplainable illness. However, I learned about specific cellular pathways that become damaged from the toxins that bio-accumulate, which is perhaps what God really wanted me to learn. The 5R’s have birthed out of this information at a later time and are a way to make the process simple and easy for me to teach. This information saved my life, but I had no idea how many other lives God has meant it for.

Soon I was on my way back to health and I recall a night when my wife and I were out to dinner. It was December of 2003, and I was telling her how great it was to have my life back. I was even expressing my excitement for all the things I was looking forward to doing again. It had been a long, hard road that I thought would break me many times. The feelings that I had at that moment reflected the victory I felt over the brokenness that I had finally escaped from. I wish I could say I never lost hope or my trust in God’s promise that, “He would work all things out for good” (Romans 8:28 from the Bible, that I would frequently remind myself during really bad days). The reality was that most of the time I couldn’t see the purpose through my suffering.

Shortly after that brief celebration, my wife and I got a call that would forever change our lives. My wife’s cousin and best friend was murdered by her husband the morning after Christmas and he also turned the gun on himself. Parents gone, twins reaming, a boy and a girl, 7 years old were now to become a part of our family. Imagine after just thinking how great it was to have my life back, that now this horrendous event occurs not only in their life, but mine as well. We had two boys of our own at the time of my illness and just had a new baby boy 6 weeks prior to this event. Yes, we went from 2 kids to 5 in less than seven weeks. The boy of the newly adopted twins, as I had stated above, was diagnosed with sensory integration on the autism spectrum. His symptoms began after he was vaccinated with the MMR shot at age 4. His mom had told us earlier that she had noticed some symptoms after previous vaccinations, but in her opinion, it was the MMR shot that sent him over the edge.

Through His Eyes

Now here I am, on this side of my battle, looking through the eyes of this poor boy. And my wife was saying, “Oh no, not again.” I knew what he felt like and my wife knew what it looked like. The sound sensitivity he experienced, due to his auditory sense being primary, would move him into an angry rage and his disconnection with reality could be seen in his eyes. I could relate to that feeling so well, although as an adult and emotionally developed, I was more capable of understanding it. As a boy, he couldn’t possibly grasp what was wrong or why he felt the way he did. Perhaps it was this connection I had with him and his new mom’s determination to get him well, that lead to our success, and to the amazing young adult he has become today. My wife was not going to live life with another challenged person in the house after dealing with me for so long. Her position was, “You got yourself well, and you will get him well.” This is how Dylan became my second patient. He is now well and I would never have been able help him if I hadn’t gone through what I went through. I tell you all of this so that you can see how God brought this information to me and through me for not just myself and Dylan, but for so many who are suffering without answers.

Life Begins On the Membrane

It was said by a brilliant cellular biologist years ago, “Life starts on the membrane,” and today with the ever-growing new science in cellular biology, we see that it is true. Dr. Bruce Lipton, a stem cell biologist and the bestselling author of, “The Biology of Belief,” believes the God-given inborn intelligence gives us life and healing is in the membrane. Dr. Lipton conducted a series of experiments that reveal that the cell membrane, the outer layer of a cell, is the organic equivalent of a computer chip, and the cell’s equivalent of a brain. This view conflicts with the widely held scientific dogma that genes control behavior, as well papers by other researchers have validated his iconoclastic thinking. Dr. Lipton’s views were once scuffed at by many of his colleagues, but today he is held up as a genius for his forward thinking. The Human Genome Project proved Dr. Lipton right. The project gathered the greatest minds in cellular biology to prove that the DNA is the brain of the cell and for each protein the DNA makes, there is one gene that creates it. It was called the, “one gene, one protein hypothesis,” and the only thing missing was tracking every protein to a gene. Proteins are our life and everything that we consist of. Every hormone, chemical messenger and tissue is made of proteins. The scientists estimated that there would need to be at least 120,000 different genes to match the approximately 120,000 proteins that explain all of the higher functions of our cells versus a mouse or worm, if in fact their theory was correct. What they found shocked them. Humans had only 25,000 genes, which are surprisingly the same amount of genes as a mouse and not many more than a lowly worm. So what explained the higher function of human cells? It’s something that Dr. Bruce Lipton was saying all along. It’s not “DNA – RNA – Protein” or “one gene, one protein”; It’s “Environment – Cell Membrane Receptor – DNA – RNA – Protein” that explains all higher function and intelligence. What Dr. Lipton was describing was the cell membrane’s communication with its environment that tells the DNA what proteins (hormones, chemicals, tissues) to produce. He and others have pointed out that if you remove the nucleus and the DNA contained within it, the cell will live for months. It will even run from invaders or engulf food even though it has no nucleus. This doesn’t sound like something without a brain does it? However, if you take away the membrane, the cell dies instantly. More specifically, if you dissolve the receptors that are located on the membrane, the cell dies immediately even with the membrane intact. These cell receptors are known as Integral Membrane Proteins (IMP). This is where the brain is, not the DNA. The DNA is just a message taker and coder. So what does this all mean to you and I? Stated simply; if you do not regenerate the cell membrane and it’s IMP’s, then it is impossible to get. This is where life and healing begins.

It took more than 12 years to create a product that would accomplish what I learned. It is imperative to regenerate a cell membrane that is inflamed and non-functional. With the brilliant work of Dr. Shayne Morris, a product I have waited so long to create was born: VISTA. Looking back, I now know the time was never right because the technology wasn’t available. What we discovered just in the last few years has made this product what it is. The truth is, I could never have put this product together then or now without Dr. Morris. He, being the amazing Biochemist that he is, took many of the concepts that I had learned through my battle and he used his countless years of biochemistry to develop a most incredible product. VISTA was birthed from my pain and knowledge as well as a unity of mind with Dr. Morris from Systemic Formulas, that the membrane is the key to health and healing.

The Hidden Secret To Detox

Regenerating the cell membrane (R2) addresses 3 main problems in the surge of degenerative conditions. Most of us would agree that toxins represent one of the major causes of inflammation and the multitude of degenerative diseases that go with it. The cell membrane plays a critical role in cellular detox. Once the membrane becomes inflamed, what is needed to be produced by the cell is energy (ATP), methyl donors, glutathione and so many more cellular functions needed for normal function and cellular detox becomes compromised. The membrane acts as the gate or the “in” roads to a city that lets in what is needed for the city to function and survive. If the “in” roads are shut down, the city will eventually erode. The bigger problem occurs because the toxins can’t get out of the cell. The membrane that allows the good in must also let the bad out. When your cells produce energy needed for life, it produces waste. This is analogues to when your car produces energy. It needs to let out the exhaust, otherwise the engine quickly shuts down. Once the cell membrane becomes inflamed, it loses this ability to move good stuff in and bad stuff out. Cellular inflammation is really the silent killer and the cause of most disease. Diseases occur due to cell membrane inflammation and not just of the outer membrane, but also the inner mitochondrial membrane, which inflammation can drastically affect all cell function and energy.

Your Fish Oil Could Be Making You Worse

VISTA addresses both membranes with not just the building blocks needed to fix this vital intelligent organ, but contains the correct ratio of materials that studies show to be more important than the materials themselves. The membrane is made of delicate fats, therefore, it is crucial to this process. However, studies show the ratio of the fats matter more. Many people today understand the benefits of fish oils, but do not realize only consuming fish oil can cause something called “Omega 3 Dominance”. There is a normal balance in nature of Omega 3 and 6. In nature, we see normal ratios of 1:1 to 1:5 (Omega 3 to 6). If we go outside of these ratios, problems ensue. Due to the over-consumption of grain fed meat (as opposed to grass-fed) and grains (even whole grains), most Americas are in fact “Omega 6 Dominant”. However, because of current fish oil hype (some of it good) we have created a new problem of Omega 3 Dominance. Omega 3 Dominance can cause DNA damage within the cell and a sudden drop in cellular energy. There is a crucial fat in the mitochondrial membrane called cardiolipin (which VISTA contains). Studies show when in a state of Omega 3 Dominance, the Omega 3 can replace cardiolipin. Cardioliopin is an important fat that makes up the mitochondrial membrane, which is essential for proper function in the energy pathway. Once it is replaced with Omega 3 on the membrane, cellular energy and function plummets.

VISTA utilizes a specific 4:1 ratio and studies show that it is the most effective way to regenerating the cell membrane. It is also the ratio shown to have the greatest effect on the brain. An interesting point about many of these studies is that certain ratios within that natural range all serve different functions. For example, the 1:1 ratio was very good for certain heart conditions and the 2.5:1 was most effective for colorectal cancer. The 4:1 ratio used in VISTA was also shown to be the only ratio that affected learning, sleep, thermoregulation, seizures, Alzheimer’s, MS and pain threshold.

A Real Answer To “Hormone Havoc”

The answer to hormone problems is not giving more hormones. Yet this is exactly what alternative doctors, as well as allopathic doctors, are doing. One group is using drugs and the other bio-identical hormones. Either way, it does nothing for the cause. There is a time and a place to address symptoms and use a hormone as a crutch until you remove the true cause, but if this is the treatment for healing, then you will miss the mark. As a matter of fact, it typically only relieves certain symptoms for a short duration before the body’s intelligence begins to change the hormones it’s producing and new symptoms or the old come back. Remember true healing only occurs by the body when the cause is removed. The real answer to the pandemic of hormone problems (hormone havoc) on this planet is not giving more hormones, but fixing the receptors to the hormones. For example, if your cell phone is not connecting, it’s typically not a problem with your phone, it’s a problem with the connection to the cell phone tower. Giving more hormones if they aren’t able to connect with the receptors does nothing to fix the problem and does very little, if anything to make you feel better. You must fix the receptor to the hormone so the hormone can get its message to the cell. When a cell cannot hear the message from the hormone it is known as “hormone resistance.” The most common condition of “hormone resistance” you are probably familiar with is Type 2 Diabetes, which is also known as “insulin resistance”. What this means is the cell is resistant to insulin (it can not hear the hormone insulin’s message). Type 2 Diabetics have plenty of insulin, so giving more actually makes the problem worse. The key is fixing the receptors to insulin, which means you must fix the cell membrane.

If you recall from above I said the intelligence in the cell was in the membrane and more specifically in the hormone receptors, which are known as integral membrane proteins (IMP’s). The cell’s communication with its environment, including the hormones that direct its function and changes DNA, is dependent on the receptors. Cell membrane inflammation is what blunts the receptors and obviously the inflammation needs to be down-regulated. However, the receptors themselves are attached and stabilized to something known as “lipid rafts”. These rafts are made of fat and if not regenerated, the receptor will not heal and the hormone problem will not resolve. I think an interesting point is the “lipid rafts” are made up mostly of 2 fats that most people have been told are the evil duo; saturated fat and cholesterol. So it makes sense that saturated fat and cholesterol are the two main fats needed in the solution to the hormone epidemic. Yes, you heard me correctly; these two fats are a key component in the hormone solution. I have said this for years as I lectured around the country and for the most part have received back blank stares of disbelief. I know you have heard for over four decades that these two fats are the bad guys and you need to stay far away from them to prevent conditions like diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Don’t take my word for it; studies now show that these fats not only prevent these conditions, but can also reverse them.

A December 2010 Harvard study showed a high fat diet consisting of saturated fats found in meat and dairy products actually had a three fold decrease and therefore, improvement in diabetes. It then makes sense that these 2 fats are the fats needed to fix the receptors.[1] VISTA contains not just the fats in the correct ratio to fix the outer and inner cell membrane, but the lipid rafts themselves and therefore, the receptor. This along with a diet I call the Cellular Healing Diet and true cellular detox (R1) are the hidden solution to a growing pandemic that is now effecting our children as much or more than us.

This Is Real Hope

I know this information may run contrary to what you have learned in the past, but I promise you it not only came from my own pain, but years of research that I have to believe God lead me to. Because of this, I know it is real hope for many. I don’t believe it’s by chance you are reading this. Perhaps this information is for you directly or the thousands you will touch with it, but I know it will change lives because it is truth.

R3 (restoring cellular energy) is the next R and I can tell you that this is the first cellular function that needs repaired in the sickest and most challenged individuals. No treatments will work if cellular energy is not restored.

[1]Dariush Mozaffarian, Haiming Cao, Irena B. King, Rozenn N. Lemaitre, Xiaoling Song, David S. Siscovick, and Gökhan S. Hotamisligil, Trans-Palmitoleic Acid, Metabolic Risk Factors, and New-Onset Diabetes in U.S. Adults, Annals of Internal Medicine, Harvard School of Public Health, 2010, December

R1 Removing The Source of Toxins

True Cellular Healing and Detox

R1 – Removing The Source of Toxins

How mercury, mold and environmental toxins can be the #1 reason you’re still sick and how true intracellular detoxification can be your answer.

There are 5R’s to true cellular detox and healing. In this unique training series, you will learn the 5 musts to permanently transform your health and life. The 5R’s are not a bandaid or a supplement, but rather a road map for you and your body to follow for long term healing results. The 5R’s support all conditions, including weight loss, diabetes, autoimmune, leaky gut and other common challenges. However, our goal in sharing this life changing information is not about addressing a condition but rather supporting the body to heal itself.

R1 – Remove The Source and The Body Can Heal

In this first article, we would like to introduce you to what I believe is the most critical R; R1, Removing the Source. If you don’t remove the source, you will never have a true and lasting solution to your health challenge. I have a problem with not only allopathic practitioners, but also the natural or alternative practitioners when it comes to this topic. Neither is getting to the cause because they are simply covering up symptoms with either more medications or supplements. Neither is sitting knee to knee with people and really digging into an individual’s history in order to figure out why they got sick. My fellow colleague’s philosophy is to remove the interference and allow the body’s innate intelligence to do the healing. This philosophy is where the truth lies. However, chemical interference, or for you chiropractors, chemical subluxation, is what most doctors are missing and don’t fully understand. I believe, as chiropractors, that this is why we are not seeing the results that we used to see years ago. I know you understand what I am saying. When we talk to the old time chiropractors, they will tell how many more miracle cases they had. Well, what’s changed? The subluxation? Chiropractic? NO, chemical subluxation is what has changed. The level of toxicity is like no time in the history of mankind. Not the outside air, but what we are putting directly into our bodies. If you do not know how to remove the source properly, you are never going to impact these really sick and challenged individuals.

A Demonic Source of Toxins that Took My Life: Mercury “The God of Deception”

What does removing the source actually mean? There are a few meanings that I will cover throughout R1’s description. In my own story, I had silver fillings and had two drilled out incorrectly. After they were removed and gold was put in its place, I became very sick. Unfortunately, it took me three or four years of misery to figure it out. Those fillings contain 50% mercury, which leeches right into your brain, more specifically the hypothalamus pituitary adrenal axis. The gold caused a galvanic reaction (electrical current) that causes the mercury to leech out of the fillings 10x faster than normal. It wasn’t until I researched how to get the rest of the filling out correctly and the mercury out of my brain that I was able to get my life back. It is very important to realize that I would have never recovered fully if I didn’t get the source removed correctly. Whatever you do, don’t just start drilling out fillings. There is a safe and proper way to do it.

An Ancient Source of Illness: MOLD

Another source could be a moldy home. So many of the individuals with unexplainable symptoms are living in a moldy home. They get very sick and unfortunately end up on a list of medications, which ultimately makes them worse. Many conditions like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, sudden weight gain and weight loss resistance are all common conditions linked to biotoxic illness from mold. If you don’t get that individual out of the home, you’re never going to get them well. In Leviticus 14 in the Bible, God says, and I will paraphrase… If you see mold growing in your home do this… If the mold reappears get rid of the house and all its contents. This is exactly what is done today. If you can’t remediate the house properly, then get out and don’t bring your stuff with you because it too is contaminated. This may sound like drastic measures but this is the only way these individuals recover. If you don’t remove the source, you are never going to get well.

True Cellular Detox

Removing the source not only refers to external environmental toxins, but internal toxins that have stock pilled and bio-accumulated in our bodies. There is a lot of information today about different cleanses, whether it’s a liver cleanse, colon cleanse, foot baths and even magnets on the feet, however, they fail to remove toxins at the cellular level. I don’t have a problem with most of those cleanses, but if you don’t remove the toxins from the cell, these cleanses fall short of true cellular detox and a real lasting solution. Also, if you don’t understand how to fix cellular pathways that have been affected by a toxic cell (the other 4R’s of cellular healing), then getting someone well becomes impossible. You are never really going to get a patient well because fixing the cell is the catalyst for healing. One of the things I always say is, “True cellular detox has to occur at the cell,” and once we impact the cell, we can now impact so much of the expression of adverse symptoms in the body. In other words, “If you fix the cell the body gets well.”

The Intracellular Detox System

There is a system that we created called IDS, or the Intracellular Detox System. This system is very unique because it up-regulates detox pathways of the cell, and it prevents the reabsorption or redistribution of toxins so common in other forms of detox. It is the retox that causes many of the unwanted symptoms during detox, and makes most detox programs or systems dangerous.

The first part of the Intracellular Detox System is raising intracellular glutathione. This is the key to removing toxins from the cell and, therefore, the body. Glutathione (GSH) is how your cells remove toxins. GSH is in every cell in the body. If levels get too low, the cell will die from toxic overload and inflammation. GSH is the strongest antioxidant in the world because your body makes it. It is also 5,000x stronger than vitamin C as an antioxidant. Do a Pubmed (medical public library of studies) search online, and you will find at the time of this writing, over 190,000 studies linking GSH to many different diseases and its many roles in healing. There are many pathways responsible to raise GSH in the cell and our system supports every pathway in the GSH cycle. There is no other system like it.

Why Your Glutathione Is Not Working

Glutathione has become very popular due to all the current research. However, why does it seem like the results are limited to the first month of use or no results at all? Most GSH sold is put in a pill and taken orally. At face value, this seems the most logical way to raise GSH. The problem is that only 3% of the GSH makes it through the gut to body. The GSH oxidizes very easily in the gut with very little benefit where we need it most. Even if it makes it through the gut using liposomal GSH or other forms of GSH, it still will not enter into the cell. For example, when injectable GSH is used, it goes directly into the blood stream, so it is not oxidized at all in the gut. There is a reduction in inflammation and therefore, symptoms in the first month with very little value after. The injected GSH reduces extra cellular inflammation and oxidative stress, but doesn’t get into the cell where it’s needed most, therefore, the affect is limited and does not last. Raising GSH in the cell is the key.

How It’s Done

Raising intracellular GSH is done two ways; first by recycling the unusable oxidized form of GSH (GSSG) before it escapes the cell, to a usable reduced form (GSH), or giving the cell needed precursors to manufacture more GSH from scratch. Creating new GSH requires more vital cellular energy (ATP) and can be limited due to an inflamed cell. An inflamed cell will not be able to utilize specific amino acids and cofactors needed to raise GSH like a healthy cell. Unfortunately, most products on the market only utilize this limited way of raising intracellular GSH and do not take into consideration the most efficient way of recycling it. Our system does both, and even when it comes to providing the precursors and cofactors needed to manufacture new GSH, our IDS approach uses proprietary methods to help shuttle the needed precursors and cofactors into an inflamed cell. Our system also utilizes a new form of GSH, called S-Acetyl Glutathione, and studies show that it enters into the cell with great success. With this new technology, there are now three ways that Glutathione can enter the cell. The bottom line is that when it comes to sick and inflamed cells, raising intracellular GSH is no easy task. However, it is one of the keys for “true cellular detox” and getting very sick individuals well.

When Detox Becomes Dangerous: “The Crazies”

The truth is if you are successful at raising intracellular GSH, toxins will leave the cells and tissues, and most of them will make their way to the liver where they are prepared for further detox. Many of the toxins are bound up to bile because it is a fat complex that attracts toxins. Bile, of course, is used to digest fats. When the bile is bumped into the small intestines for digestion, it carries with it the multitude of toxins that are now bound with it. It’s called “hepatic biliary sludge,” and it is the cause of many liver and gallbladder problems, but here is the bigger problem! Bile is reabsorbed in the lower intestines and recycled back to the liver. When it makes its way back to the liver, it brings toxins with it. This is referred to as retox or autointoxication. When the toxins are reabsorbed, they get sent back into circulation where they cause more inflammation and symptoms. They can even cross into the brain, which causes what I call, “the crazies,” and can even lead to a neurodegenerative condition.

Stop Autointoxication and the “The Crazies”

The second part of our Intracellular Detox System is binding toxins. Specifically, it involves binding to the toxins in the gut and pulling them out of the body so they are not reabsorbed. This process is a proven system that has changed the fundamentals of what a true detox system actually is. This cutting edge technology is something that not only changed my life, but thousands of other’s lives with unexplainable symptoms and illnesses.

Our system is completely different than any other, and it includes the ability to bind organic and inorganic toxins. We achieve the highest and tightest binding capacity than any other approach on the market and can bind a biotin, which measures 400-1000 angstroms. How small is that? Well let’s just say too small to be bound by any other natural binder. Mold and Lyme produce biotoxins that are deadly to humans. These toxins will stay bound to bile and shut down the liver’s ability to detox. Now all other toxins begin bio-accumulating, which causes these unexplainable illnesses. Biotoxic illnesses are nasty and go undiagnosed for years, if ever. The only way to save these poor individuals is to pull these toxins away from the bile complex and reopen the detox pathways.

Many inorganic toxins, like heavy metals, are much bigger in size but due to their massive atomic weight, are very difficult to remove. There are so many chelators (detox agents) on the market like chlorella, clays and other herbal concoctions that DO NOT BIND HEAVY METALS. I know they make the claims, but it just simply is not the fact. The special humates included with our system have been shown in laboratory testing not just to bind heavy metals, but to hold onto them in an almost permanent bond. The biggest problem with most of the binders on the market, besides the fact that they don’t really work, is they are contaminated. Test them yourself and you will find the same thing we did. We had to literally search the planet for clean sources. I can tell you it wasn’t easy, but we found what we were looking for, and it is more expensive than most street drugs when comparing kilos.

The unique design of our IDS is unlike any others on the market. It works! I guarantee it is going to change lives in your practice. The next article in this five part series is R2, Regenerating the Cell Membrane, and this is something I learned that not only changed my life, but it changed my adopted son’s life. I congruently believe in my heart that we are making a difference. You are going to see that when you put all 5R’s together, that this is how you impact an epidemic and get the results you are looking for. I can’t wait to teach it to you and I hope you can’t wait to learn it.